Fillable PDF Forms – problems encountered when using it 0

PDFs are accessible. They are an easy way to broadcast and collect information. Most people write articles or thesis that they publish in PDF format. It is more commonly used than Word doc. The government has its own reasons for using it. With many software available to convert and create fillable pdf forms, each one of us today can create forms, be it individuals or corporate. It is compatible with most OS.

There are various occasions when it’s more convenient to have an editable form around. A few reasons to use could be not having access to a printer right away.

It is quicker and easier to fill out a form by typing something in it. As a writer, someone may find it simpler to share with clients and readers.

When could you create fillable PDF forms?

1. Forms of all kinds (including those where you want the recipient to answer questions)

2. Digital calendars or diaries and many other such uses.

3. Ebooks.

Creating PDFs using Adobe software suite is comfortable using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Interactive forms are used heavily. Hence, knowing how to create form from scratch can come in very handy. But for Windows there are several options but not as many for the Mac. There are two that one can use – Adobe Acrobat or PDFpenPro.

When distributing the file, after it has been filled out, one may want to convert it into a Read-only.

If the form has been created in Acrobat, use PDF optimizer or pre-flight feature to flatten the file. The Pro has a PDF Optimizer or pre-flight feature to flatten the form. The Standard version of the Acrobat will require using javascript to flatten the form.

It could also be that a user may just want to keep someone from tampering with the form. In which case, using the security feature (ctrl-D, security) would be sufficient.

Something to note is the fact that most people confuse between the Acrobat and the Reader. When filling out the form, they face the trouble of not being able to edit it.

How do you determine if the form has fillable fields?

If you have chosen the hand tool and do a mouse over, what happens?

A fillable form will have a bar at the top of the form. Please follow these steps – File > Properties> Description and check if there is “Advanced” anywhere. If you cannot see that bar on the top, search Google for help.